Ditch the Classroom, Rule your education - Conquer SSC & HSC with BOSSE

Escape the School Routine, Achieve SSC and HSC Success with BOSSE -

Are you feeling trapped in the routine of school? Do you hate going to school and gazing at fluorescent lights for another day? Well, BOSSE (Board Of Open Schooling and Skills Education) can be your key to unlocking academic freedom! BOSSE offers a dynamic and flexible approach to learning, empowering you to conquer your SSC and HSC on your terms. Explore the content below to discover the many ways you can –

Break Free, Explore the World: Say goodbye to the rigid timetable and stuffy classrooms. Instead, with BOSSE, you can transform any place into your study zone, including your backyard, lunch break, or commute. What’s more, are you feeling adventurous? Travel the world (or just your couch) and ace your SSC and HSC while you continue your education!

Create your route, Not the Highway: BOSSE ditches the one-size-fits-all strategy. On the other hand, explore interactive online modules that fit your learning style and dive into comprehensive study resources handpicked by subject matter experts! BOSSE has something for everyone, whether you are a visual learner, an auditory wiz, or a textbook champion! Craft a study plan that ignites your passion for knowledge and has the saying “Bring it on!” to those exams.

BOSSE your Gateway to a Bright Future: Balancing work and education? Homemaker seeking personal growth? Dreaming of a new start? No matter your background, BOSSE empowers you! Earn respected SSC or HSC credentials that pave the way for higher education, career advancement, and a future rich with possibilities.

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10th open schooling

Is your life on hold because of school? Perhaps you left school early, have work or family responsibilities, or simply prefer a more flexible learning style. Regardless of your reasons, 10th open schooling provides a convenient opportunity to earn your high school equivalency credential and achieve your career goals.


12th open schooling

Are you longing for a dynamic learning experience that breaks free from traditional classrooms? Look no further! At 12th Open Schooling, we offer an innovative approach to obtaining your high school diploma. Here, you can own your learning journey and take control of your pace

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