How Distance Learning is Making Higher Education Accessible to All

Distance learning, commonly known as online learning, is a type of education that has made higher education available to people who would not have been able to pursue it otherwise owing to factors such as location, time, or financial resources. It is a flexible and convenient alternative to traditional on-campus education, allowing students to study at their own speed and on their own timetable.

Distance learning has actually revolutionised higher education, making it available to a larger population of people who would not have otherwise been able to pursue their academic ambitions. Distance learning’s convenience and flexibility can be a source of great enjoyment for those who wish to further their education but are unable to commit to a typical on-campus programme owing to other obligations, such as work or family duties.

Furthermore, with an ever-increasing number of online degree programmes offered by recognised colleges, students can select from a wide choice of disciplines and specialisations that are relevant to their career objectives and interests. This enables students to follow their interests and improve their knowledge and abilities without jeopardising their personal and professional obligations.

Additionally, the affordability of distance learning programs can bring a sense of happiness to students who may have faced financial barriers to pursuing higher education. By eliminating costs such as commuting, housing, and textbooks, online education has made it possible for students to achieve their academic goals at a lower cost, making higher education more accessible and inclusive.

These statistics explain the need for accessibility across primary, middle, and higher education institutions:

  • 76% of higher education institutions feel that students should have more access to online learning tools and platforms.
  • 69% of university and college presidents believe that ensuring student access after moving classes online is a challenge.
  • 49% of current undergraduate students said that the Covid-19 epidemic has exacerbated their household’s financial status.
  • At least one-third of all schoolchildren worldwide are unable to use remote learning materials following school closures.
  • 85.8% of households with a household income of $100,000 or more said that their children used online distance learning tools.
  • In comparison, only 65.8% of low-income households reported their children accessing online distance learning resources.


Statistics are from,, UNICEF, and The United States Census Bureau.

Growth Assist Global Solutions is an online learning institution committed to make higher education available to everyone. Growth Assist Global Solutions is breaking down educational barriers and empowering individuals to achieve their academic and career goals by providing a diverse choice of distance learning courses, including undergraduate, graduate, and professional programmes. These courses are available at any time and from any location, allowing students to study on their own schedules and at their own speed. This flexibility is especially significant for people who work full-time or have family responsibilities, since it allows them to continue their education without interfering with their current obligations.

Another way that GAGS makes higher education more accessible is through its emphasis on career-oriented curricula. The school provides courses and certifications that are intended to provide students with the skills and information they need to thrive in their chosen professions. This emphasis on practical, career-oriented education guarantees that students are ready to enter the workforce and contribute meaningfully to their organisations. GAGS provides students with a supportive learning environment in addition to a variety of courses and courses. The online learning platform at the college is simple to use and gives students access to a variety of services, such as online tutors and academic advisors. This assistance helps students remain motivated and engaged throughout their studies, enhancing their chances of success.


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